Ginger the Carrot

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Ginger’s is a coming of age story. It’s about leaving home and discovering the world. It’s about smoking your first toke, getting sick on alcohol and being with a woman for the first time. And then it’s about revenge for all those little carrots back in your patch who were always laughing at you ’cause you looked different…in a bloody-orangey type of way!

The book Ginger the Carrot is small and stylish. Printed on 215 gram thick Freelife Merida paper within a double folded 350 gram cover of white Tintoretto Aylon paper, Sally and Zam see ‘Ginger the Carrot’ as an ‘Object of Art’ as well as a book. They love the feel of the thick grainy paper rubbed between their fingers and the sturdiness of the book as a whole in their hands. Zam and Sally see ‘Rotten Veggies’ displayed on a bookcase, a coffee table, or opened like a work of art on a shelf, ready to be picked up and appreciated.

Ginger the Carrot is available here now!