Randy the Runner

(cliquez ici pour la version française)RANDY

Written, and now in the process of being illustrated, Randy the Runner is the second book in the series ‘Rotten Veggies’.

Randy is a bean, Runner bean that is. He’s hot tempered, ambitious, and a little ‘Buscemi’. Runner beans have a reputation for being nice, but Randy dreams of being ‘bad-ass’. So he takes a job as a drug runner, keeping all creeds of root vegetables high on their favorite fix. But that’s not ‘bad-ass’ enough for him. The ‘bad-ass’ he wants to be is like his boss, Bertie the Beetroot. Bertie is big, bad, and a little Marsellus Wallace. Randy resolves to become a ‘bad-ass’ drug lord, even if it means taking Bertie down to achieve it.


…coming soon!